Hey home slices, I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. Cause the long weekend is here and nobody wants to spend it in front of a computer (I mean, I can’t even believe I’m sitting in front of the computer writing this).

But, I had to share with you guys how my coworkers from CoMotion and I are kicking off the long weekend. 

So,  a bit of a disclaimer: I’m not a mixologist. I have no idea what the hell I’m doing but I strongly believe  if you start with a great base (*ahemPinnacle Classic Vodka) and add flavour profiles you personally enjoy – you’re bound to make something that hits the spot. Amirite?

Pinnacle Vodka is an imported French vodka that has been distilled five times for an incredibly clean and smooth taste. Meaning, there isn’t a harsh burn at the end – it finishes very clean. It’s also priced really well. It taste high end, but when you find it at the LCBO, you’ll be shocked to see what it actually retails for (hint: $26.75)

Anyways, back to the fun stuff. We started our long weekend with a gourmet do-it-yourself cocktail bar.  (Yes, I managed to talk my entire office into day drinking with me). 

From Toronto Popcorn Co, hand made Nadege marshmallows to crystallized violets from Epicureal, we had a banging recipe for day drinking.  

My coworkers and I had a blast mixing our own Pinnacle Cocktails. I made sure to have something sweet, something fizzy, and some fresh garnishes available for everyone as well. 

Pictured above is Tom from Rebuild Hamilton‘s creation: mango juice, sparkling citrus juice, Pinnacle Classic Vodka, and blue berries for colour (that was actually my choice cause his drink didn’t photograph well, sorry Tom). The bottom, something a little more adventurous from my girl Kristin from I Heart Hamilton: lemonade, fresh marshmallow, lemons and a few candied violets.

Something I love to make is a twist on the Pinnacle Classic Lemonade : 1 oz Pinnacle Classic Vodka, 2 oz Lemonade, and 2 oz mango juice. If you like, add a splash of sparkling water and some frozen mango for garnish. This bad boy is my jam.

Don’t laugh at this next one, but this is something I’ve been making since I was in university. I love a good blended alcoholic beverage, but I’m a little lazy …..so in comes Mr. Freeze. 

Take two white freezes (cause ya’ll know that’s the best flavour), 1 oz of Pinnacle, frozen mangos & raspberries and top with a little sparkling water. Ta – Da your new go to summer cocktail. 

I know,  all of my mixologist friends are dying of horror right now. Did I really just put a freeze in my cocktail? Yes. Please still love me.

So recap: day drinking is acceptable if the whole office does it, Pinnacle Classic Vodka finishes smooth, and Mr. Freeze is the new craft cocktail sidekick. You guys are all set for a stellar long weekend. Now get off the computer and go have some fun! See you back next week with a fun  giveaway! 

Happy Drinking! 

Bottles of Pinnacle Classic Vodka c/o Praxis PR , Opinions, sass, witty one liners c/o Chanry Thach. 

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