I stumbled upon Memphis one day when I was perusing through the forums of Chowhound looking for some yummy fried chicken. It lead me to Memphis, and its been one of my favourite restaurants all season.

Saying their breakfast offerings is mind blowing is quite the understatement. It was absolutely delicious and completely worth waking up early for. They’re last seating is at 10:30am so you definietely have to get an early start!

This was The Suburban – three eggs of your choice, all three breakfast meats, spuds, buttermilk biscuit and pit beans with a second plate – thats right, two plates! – of super XL pancakes.

Next is the Barbeque for Breakfast – two eggs, two biscuits, beef brisket (or pulled pork) and pit beans. The brisket was awesome, especially in the wee hours of the morning. The smokehouse sauce made a great addition to the eggs as well, which were fluffy and light – if you were wondering.

Both Joanna and I ordered the Sausage and Bacon Biscuit. It came with mild smoked sausage, bacon, onions, and cheese in between two perfect buttermilk biscuits sitting in a light bed of smokehouse sauce. We both immediately set one biscuit aside because we knew there was no way all of that was going to be conquered so early in the morning. It was absolutely delicious, and the little drizzle of sauce at the bottom made a great dipping sauce for the crispy bits of sausage. The biscuits here are some of the best I’ve ever had. They’re always so huge and flaky!

Next comes dinner time at Memphis! Prepare to wait in line (its worth it), it can get pretty busy and show up early if you’d like to order one of their specials. Monday – Wednesday after five is fried chicken and Thursday – Sunday is their famous ribs.

I’ve known Sarah for about fifteen years and in all those years she has never met a french fry she’s enjoyed, till she had the Coney Island Fries at Memphis. This was my first plate, and I’ve never regretted it. You are looking at an all meat chili with smoked cheddar and thinly sliced onions. It sounds so simple but is is mind blowing amazing! Especially paired with anything and everything on the menu. We shared one plate amongst the three of us and still had more than half left over. 

The beef brisket here has been smoked for no less than twenty hours and sliced thin with a smothering of their smokehouse sauce. I don’t like the cold slaw here but who cares, just drown yourself in the baked beans and biscuit! If you want the ribs you have to come early enough, in fact there is a count down by the bar that lets you know how many racks they have – it’s serious business! They are super meaty and cooked just the way I like it. I like it when the meat is still slightly clinging onto the bone. What I hate is holding up the bone and the meat just slides right off and turns into mush. These gently come off with the tug of a fork..or your teeth! 

Everybody knows how much I love fried chicken but I’m not a fan of chicken breast. That’s why I’m on the fence about the friend chicken at Memphis. The batter is spot on – crispy, light, full flavoured but it unfortunately has to be coated around chicken breast – juicy succulent chicken breast but it’s still breast! On the upside, you get a lot of chicken and its been pounded very thinly – which I like. I am almost tempted to bring in my own pieces of leg & thighs to see if they’d be willing to batter & cook it up for me!  

Regardless of the long line ups, they always do their best to get you seated as fast as possible and the service is always spectacular. Whether its your server, or the gentlemen at the host stand or somebody just walking by, you’re always greeted with a warm smile. The staff is always friendly and fast and the prices are pretty affordable. You get a really good bang for your buck and they don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. I’ve returned quite a few times after discovering Memphis and I always receive great service here. Try the homemade pies while you’re there as well! The coconut cream pie is the bomb diggity. 

Memphis Fire Barbecue Company
1091 King’s Highway #8
Winona, ON

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