I absolutely love, love, love Korean food and although I haven’t had the chance to try the newest Korean joint in Hamilton yet, Miga, in Mississauga is a favourite amongst my friends and I. When we’re craving Korean – this is our go to place.

On this occasion a group of friends and I ordered the Korean bbq for three, one seafood pancake and one soon tofu to share. The Korean pancake is one of my favourite treats to dive into. The big chunks of green onion and squid pieces are surprisingly a great combo. If you’ve never had this before, picture something inbetween a frittata and a pancake. Sounds weird, but trust me on this one, okay? 

Next came the banchan – my favourite part! I love all the varieties you can get of banchan (cold side dishes) and the fact that they’re endless just makes it even more delightful. The potatoes they offer here are my favourite. They were firm, sweet and sticky. We also had a few servings of the kimchi as well –  which was insanely good! It was absolutely the right balance of tang and spice.

Up next is the Pièce de résistance – BBQ! For anyone who is use to the ayce Korean Grill Time joints you find in Toronto.. this will be a big shock for you – this place actually serves really meat –  meat that is red, not brown or grey or drenched in the same marinade to a point where you can’t tell the difference from the salmon and the beef. Welcome to how it should really be done! 

Although there were four of us, we opted for the BBQ for three and ordered a soon tofu on the side. The bbq came with seafood (mussels, shrimp, squid), beef, pork and chicken. For the most part, this is a full service bbq joint – meaning they do the cooking for you and they change the pan out in between each protein. We started off with the pork and then worked our way through four different pans. The bbq also came with lettuce and rice for ‘make your own’ lettuce wraps.

The best part about it is that the quality of the proteins are excellent, the chicken/beef/pork were all lean cuts and each meat came with a slightly different marinade so there is constant variety. I like to take the lettuce, add a peace of rice, soybean paste, kimchi, hot bbq meat and wrap it up into an almost carb free taco. Everyone at the table was most excited about the short ribs – and it was super tender and yummy,  but we were all blown away by the chicken – I know, me? blown away by chicken?! ppffft. But I swear, this stuff was really good, or maybe I was just really famished? Either way, it was spicy and juicy and there were no fatty or unappetizing bits. The meal was absolutely delicious! 

Although the bbq would have been plenty of food for the table (it even came with miso soup to start) I had to have the soon tofu.

For anyone who hasn’t indulged in this spicy silk tofu stew – you’re missing out! Especially with the recent horrible Ontario weather we’ve been having, a hot and spicy stew like this one does wonders.

The soon tofu is served in a hot stone bowl with an egg cracked into it. I like to keep the egg untouched for the first few minutes so it’s able to poach itself in the steaming hot broth.

Miga also has other varieties of bbq as well as the usual Kalbi ribs and bibimbap bowls on the menu. Although they serve Japanese food as well, I tend to just stick with their Korean options.  I am sure there’s something there for everyone. They also have a few great take out meal options as well! The service is a little hit and miss sometimes, and although the staff isn’t overly bubbly and friendly, they’re always attentive. Yes this is a little bit more pricier than typical all you can eat korean bbq, but the quality and flavour are worth the extra few dollars. 

Miga Korean and Japanese BBQ
2382 Dundas Street West
Mississauga, ON

Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ on Urbanspoon

//Pictures for this post are courtesy of my generous friend : Chandary Sok. Check out her work here

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