Let me tell you about the time my sister took me to a place called The Blue Moon restaurant. 

First, she asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with her and her coworkers – ummmm, no! Then she said they were going to take this 90 minute car ride out to this restaurant in the middle of nowhere – ummm, long car ride with you & your coworkers, no thank you! Then she said “they specialize in pig tails” – uhhh hell to the ‘effen yeah! why didn’t you start with that?? 

So here I am with my iced tea, patiently waiting for the server to take our order. If I have time to spare I like to research the menu before I head out to a restaurant for the first time. So, at this point, I was anxiously waiting for everyone else to make up their minds!

Oh, I should also mention there was a live band playing and the interior of the restaurant was very rustic and had a warm and inviting blah, blah, blah – who cares! Lets just get to the food!

I knew immediately we had to try the pig tail wontons. Unfortunately, It was just “alright” – I hate using that as a description but it was, what it was. The wontons weren’t salted when they got out of the deep fryer and the meat on the inside was barely enough for an adequate tasting.

I panicked! I thought is this really it? Did I waste a Friday night cramming myself into a car full of bankers to hear them go on and on about office gossip for…for…mediocre wontons??

Thank goodness the mains didn’t disappoint! I was getting worried!

This was my sisters main. The Wild Mushroom Sauce Schnitzel.  There is something about mushrooms and creme that makes my heart sing, but not as much as pork thats battered and fried to a crisp. Join them together and you’ve got something delicious. Thats exactly why I talked my sister into getting the schnitzel, so I can nibble off her plate too! Thankfully the servings were ginormous! That one piece of schnitzel alone was about the size of my sisters head. I would have done a side by side comparison but something about manners and etiquette got in the way. 

This was the Baked Rolled Spare Ribs. It was the house speciality. This was definitely something I’ve never seen before. They took a rack of ribs, rolled it and then stuffed the hole in the middle with delicious goodness. It was a meal right out of an episode of the Flintstones! 

Finally …The Piece de Resistance: The Pig Tails! They come in orders of two with the option of adding more by the piece for $3.99 – which sadly my sister and I regret not doing! Hands down, this is worth the long ride! It was something completely unexpected. The texture was a cross between pork belly and crunchy cartilage. You really had to get down and dirty to fully enjoy all the flavours and their was a bit of digging for the meat but not very much because it was fall off the bone tender. The flavour was actually very similar to the Vietnamese Caramelized egg & pork belly dish my mom makes. It was sweet, and sticky and savoury all at once. The potatoes and the sauerkraut did a great job of cutting the richness of the pigs tail. They look a little greasy here in the picture but thats just the sexy caramelized goodness bouncing off the flash on my camera.  I would definitely come back for this dish alone!

My sister and I loved the pig tails so much we ordered some to go so mom and dad could try it too! By the end of the night, I was glad I tagged along with my sister and her coworkers – who turned out to be great company!

Oh yea, besides the food the service was good. It was a busy night and there was only one server on the floor so we expected a bit of a wait but when she finally came around she was very polite and courteous. The restaurant had a great cottage feel to it as well as a nice patio for the warm weather. Check it out and let me know what you think! 

The Blue Moon
1677 Snyders Rd. E
Wilmont, On

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