From about May to August there are two places you can find me. 1. On the internet complaining about how damn hot it is outside and how it’s ruining my life or 2. Outdoors shovelling a piece of steak, hamburger or watermelon in my mouth. Sometimes you can catch me doing both at the same time, if you’re lucky! And most likely a fruity alcoholic beverage somewhere near by. What can I say? I’m a women who knows exactly what she wants! And that’s eating outdoors under the sun with watermelon juices dripping down my chin – and complaining about how hot it is outside. 

So when I was asked to help promote the Ontario Gas BBQ Challenge – I didn’t hesitate at all. It might also have something to do with one of the Belly Monsters being a contestant .. actually it has everything to do with one of the Belly Monsters! 

The Belly Monsters really rallied around me when I was nominated for the Badass Blog Awards – which I won btw – so now it’s my turn to be a cheerleader for them!

Stephanie from Kitchen Frolic is one of the five food-savvy bloggers selected to participate. They’ve all been challenged with creating original recipes using Ontario Gas BBQ grilling tools; a small cast iron sauce pot, a wing rack, an injector, a double sided griddle and a grill wok. If you follow Steph (which you should!) over at Kitchen Frolic, you know she is like a kid in a candy story when it comes to gadgets. You name it, she has it. So you can see why she is going to cream the competition. She is    a badass behind the BBQ! – refer to the picture below as evidence

Here is how you can vote for her:

– From July 1st – 31st you can vote for her recipes over at the Ontario Gas BBQ website or at Kitchen Frolic 

– Voters are also entered to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards to Ontario Gas BBQ – which is like the worlds largest BBQ store – I kid you not!

– The final winners are announced August 8th! – so VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! – for Steph, duh

Follow the hashtags #OGBChallenge to keep up with the contestants – but mainly just creep Steph and keep voting for her!

Thanks for allowing me to do this shameless plug for the Belly Monsters!

*this post was sponsored by Branding & Buzzing’ Opinions expressed are my own

</shameless plug>

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