Remember last year when I fell in love and wrote this lovely write up about the BEST damn bacon dessert ever? Not only did I fall in love with the brûlée but I was also pretty smitten with the duo behind the Meat Cart too. Well, the Badass Boss of Bacon (literally, he ranked 11th at the Bacon World Championship which means this dude is the 11th best in the world at cooking bacon. #getonhislevel) is back with a whole damn WAGON! That’s right, last year Salar Madadi rocked the scene with a cart and this year he is going to CRUSH it with a wagon – that’s pretty cute as f//ck too. 

You better believe I’ll be chasing this puppy down the street like a frat boy chases a mini skirt. 

Full disclosure, this is in no way a review. Please don’t expect me to go into detail about the taste, texture and my overall experience. I consider Salar and his wife Jeannie really good friends of mine and it would be misleading of me to do a typical review of them.  You guys are my foodie friends and I want to use this venue to tell you about my other foodie friends. That sounded a bit like a circle jerk but I promise none of that shady business.

But, I will gladly share some Meat Ventures food porn and let you know where you can find them.

Anyways, on to what I ate.

I enjoyed the Bacon Fatty ($9) sausage meatloaf wrapped in bacon smoked, sliced & grilled with garlic toast, crispy onions, sriracha mayo, arugula + swiss cheese 

I like to call these the Asian fries surprise. This is the epitome of what I call dirty food. Like stick to your bones ooey gooey goodness. Chorizo Fries ($9) – twice fried fresh cut fries, topped with chorizo, country gravy, pickles jalapeños, and cilantro

Tocino sliders  ($8 for two) – house cured Filipino bacon topped with garlic lime cream sauce and green mango + jicama slaw.  My previous comments from my first meeting with them still stands. I just keep forgetting to bring over my bowl of rice!

Bacon creme brûlée ($6) Cherry/strawberry bacon jam base, vanilla custard with a slice of candied bacon.

The Meat Wagon wings ($10): Jumbo brined + smoked, fried until crispy, then covered in signature BBQ sauce + garlic lime cream sauce  – first new menu item of the season!  

I’m super stoked to see some new innovative dishes coming from Salar this season now that he’s got a full kitchen at his finger tips! Make sure to check out their website for locations and stalk them on the internet. This is just a taste of what the 2015 food truck season is going to be like.

They’ll be at Food Trucks for Haiti this Saturday with some of my other fave food trucks. I’ll be there with a bacon fatty in my mouth, so if you spot me – please say hello! 

Happy Eating!

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Full Disclosure; this is not a review, I am personal friends with the truck owner and like every Joe Shmoe on the street – he charges me for his food too. No special treatment and in no way is this a paid post. Opinions are genuinely my own. 

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