Two things put a smile on my face this time of year: Toffifee on the shelves and a box of persimmons on the counter. I alway make sure to stock up on both these beauties when they’re in season.

This year, I was introduced to Persimon – a special variety native to Spain. They’re larger and longer than most persimmons, which really just means there’s more of it to love. Unlike the other larger varieties, these don’t need to be ripened before consumption. They’re ready to eat when they’re firm to the touch. I personally prefer my persimmons this way – still crunchy and firm. If you’ve never had one before – picture a peach and a mango making love; and what you get are these juicy babies. 

With a box of Persimon at my disposal, I had them each and every way I could imagine. From my morning smoothies, charcuterie platters,  to my Christmas dinner and even a post Christmas salad. They hold up quite well paired with cheeses and salty meats. Once they get sugar freckles (brown spots that appear when fruit ripens – think bananas) they’re perfect for smoothies. 

For Christmas this year I made a honey & Persimon glazed ham. This was definitely one of my favourite lazy girl recipes.

All you need is :

  • small sauce pot 
  • pealed & diced persimmons
  • one stick of cinnamon
  • a few splashes of OJ 
  • honey to taste

Boil it all down, adding more honey or OJ to taste – then using a hand puree (after you’ve removed the cinnamon stick), blend it all up.

I bought a bone in smoked ham from Denninger’s, scored the top fat layer and slathered that Persimon compote all over that little piggy.  The ham is already cooked so you’re just looking to heat it up –  this recipe is a serious no brainer. Make sure to just score the top fat layer and bring the ham out to room temp before you throw it in the oven. I basted the ham with more compote every 10 – 15 minutes. A few times I basted with just honey.  I’m one of those peeps who likes my ham sweet and sticky. 300 degrees, bottom rack, 40 minutes (ish) and then 15 minutes (ish) on broil to caramelize the honey a bit – but watch it closely, the sugar will burn quickly. 

You can’t mess this one up. The ham is already cooked so just make sure not to over cook it. You’re really just looking to warm it up so pull it out sooner rather than later. 

To serve, I sliced half the ham and left the other half with the bone in unsliced. I couldn’t be bothered to debone it. It’s the holidays, why make your life harder than it has to be? I left a carving knife nearby and guest were free to slice as they please. #LazyGirlEntertaining 

After that feast, how bout we lay low with an even easier recipe I got from the Persimon website. 

  • 1 Persimon sliced thinly
  • handful of blueberries
  • ½ cup  pomegranate seeds
  • 1 tbsp  lemon juice
  • sprigs of fresh mint, roughly chopped
  • 2 tbsp  liquid honey
  • 1 cup  Greek yogurt

Throw the Persimon slices, blueberries and pomegranate seeds in a large serving bowl. Drizzle with lemon juice and honey. Sprinkle with mint and a dollop of greek yoghurt. I used cherry yoghurt below. 

That’s it.

I know.

Pretty sweet eh? I omitted the blueberries just cause they were out of season. I ate this like it was chip & dip.

Of course, when all else fails, just slice these bad boys up and enjoy! Brings me to tears these Persimon are only available in Canada till mid January – so gobble them up while you can.

Happy Eating!

*I was given a box of Persimon for this article. Find out more about this variety of persimmons at www.persimonsays.com  and enter to win a trip to Spain. Follow them on twitter @PersimonCanada #persimoncanada

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