Driving downtown one day I decided to pull over and stop by Connaught Fish & Chips for lunch. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been stuck at a red light here trying to peak through the windows to see what was inside. 

It’s a pretty humble restaurant with a mainly “to-go” crowd but there is a dine-in area at the back. I came in just before noon and took a table by the window. I ordered the Halibut Fish & Chips ($11.25). The server told me this was what they’re known for.  

It was a great value and it came to me piping hot! The halibut was meaty and very moist. I loved the fries – very simple, no fuss kinda deal. The batter on the halibut was very crunchy and nicely salted. 

Something I wanted to mention- I could taste the oil it was fried in – it was either old oil or the heat was too high because I could feel the grease at the back of my throat. I’m not complaining – what do you expect for something deep fried?! Duh. It was just slightly unpleaseant but I’m sure it’s not a recurring thing. I also would have enjoyed a homemade tartar sauce instead of the little miniature plastic packs you get at a hotdog stand – it was a little mediocre. A homemade sauce would have umped up the entire value of the plate. 

Other than that, this was a pretty cute place. Very mom & pop kinda vibe. Considering its been a hamilton staple for over 50 years – they’re definitely doing something right! This’ll definitely scratch your itch if you’re craving for some fish & chips. 

Oh, and they’re called “Cannaught” Fish & Chips because for the first 50 years they were actually located on Connaught & King Street and then they relocated in 1980 to their current location, 

Happy Eating!

Connaught Fish & Chips
976 Main Street East
Hamilton, On

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