A few weeks ago, the lovely Margaret from (Sub)Urban Tourist invited me to “Summer Styling Like a Lady” with Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives and Skinny Girl Cocktails – famous for being under 100 calories. The event was hosted by Traci Melchor from Etalk and was based around four interactive rooms showcasing fashion, decor, food & mixology. I’ve been a fan of Bethenny since her days on The Real Housewives but in all honesty I’d never tried Skinny Girl Cocktails before.  My coworker on the other hand, was a huge fan! So together, we  were over the moon excited about meeting the $120 million dollar (rumoured to be what she sold Skinny Girl Cocktails for) women.

Instantly, when we walked in we were greeted by friendly faces and free jewellery! They really know how to spoil a girl. We all received an adorable leather infinity bracelet for one hand and a matching mojito cocktail on the other! Five minutes in, and I was already smiles from ear to ear. 

It took a while but eventually Bethenny came out herself and let me say, she is exactly like the personality you see on TV. Her manerismn, the way she looks – it was like I was at home watching Bravo right then and there. She answered a few questions, said a few jokes and then she was off and we were free to explore the rooms.

Not without another Skinny Girl Cocktail in hand of course! 

outdoor entertaining 
summer entertaining cooking demo

My favourite cocktail of the night was definitely the Pomegranate & White Cherry Vodka mix. Here’s the recipe to recreate at home:

1oz Skinny Girl White Cherry Vodka
0.5oz Pomegranate Juice
2oz Freshly Brewed and Chilled Green Tea 

Throw it all in an ice filled rock glass and garnish with mint – hint, gently smash the mint leaves first to release the aroma and flavour of the leaves! And voila you’ve made your self a cocktail under 50 calories! How brilliant is that?! 

There were also these fabulous swag bags on the way out! Who doesn’t love free swag? You know you’re a legit blogger when people give you things to leave … I mean when you leave! 😉

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