Is it too late to do a 2016 recap?

Oh, it is?

Ok, this isn’t one of those.

I swear.

But in case you haven’t been keeping up, here is the 411; Back in December we (the ball & chain and I) decided we were going to pack up our things and move to Calgary. That’s it. Pretty short and sweet recap right?

So what have I been up to since moving here January 1st? Wallowing. Yep. Going days without showering, watching hours of Netflix and cuddling with all the furbabies. That’s what happens when you leave The Belly Monsters, and The #Hamont Food Squad and that awesome job you love so much. You kinda have to spend some time mourning. So, that’s what I did. <insert shoulder shrug emoji>

But then a company called “Skip The Dishes” asked if they could buy me dinner. And the best part? I didn’t have to put pants on to enjoy the meal. You better believe I was like “hell fricken yeah” you can buy me dinner.

The only catch was that I had to write about it (if I enjoyed my experience) so here it is. #sponsored. But, but, but I promise, if you make it to the end, there are freebies for you too. You didn’t think I would take a handout without making sure my peeps were taken care of too – did ya?Stick around Ontario peeps. This includes you too! 

I would say, Skip the Dishes is similar to JustEats and UberEats. It’s an easy way to find & order food from restaurants in your area. Seriously guys, this app is a no brainer. And you can track the entire process online or on their app. I thought this was the best part. At one point, the app even told me my driver was doing other deliveries but would be back at the restaurant to pick up my order asap.

Some things you should know about Skip The Dishes: 

  1. The drivers are independent food couriers, 100% of the delivery fee and tip (if you choose to tip) goes to them.
  2. Delivery fees fluctuate. This has always been my deterrent when ordering take out – I never want to pay the giant fees. But the best part about the app is you can actually organized the restaurants based on their delivery fee. This is a huge deal for cheap-o’s like me. 
  3. The restaurants available for delivery is based round your location.  I happen to be in Timbuktu (ie Southeast Calgary) so there’s a smaller selection of restaurants vs. if I were downtown. But if I had an office downtown and was being lazy AF – no doubt this app would be a dream. #BringMeAllTheSushi
  4. They’ve set themselves up across the country and south of the border as well – offering their services from Mississauga to Omaha.  And guess what Hamilton peeps – look out for this service in your neck of the woods in a few weeks! 
  5. You’re able to easily categorize the restaurants from either cuisine type (Mexican, Chinese, Italian, etc) to distance, as well as rating. But a heads up, the restaurant ratings on the app differ drastically from google or zomato reviews.  I loved this feature cause it made it easy to hone in on a specific craving.
  6. I can’t stress enough how fricken user friendly this app was. From finding the right restaurant to ordering off the menu and finally payment. (You can even pay with debit! Yay for jerks like me who never carry cash.) It was a super easy and smooth process. 

The menu selections were also pretty awesome.  For years, I associated delivery with just greasy spoon pizza joints. But nowadays, you can literally get chicken karagge and tamago sushi delivered in 15 minutes (which I did).

One thing I wasn’t diggin’ – some joints had an absurd delivery fee – like $7 absurd. Obviously this is out the control of Skip the Dishes and more of a qualm with the restaurant. I mean, by the time my pho  gets to me, I would have just paid $20 for a bowl of soup!

But that’s the cheap-o in me talking.

I specifically chose to order from the cheaper end of delivery fees ($3-4) but when you think about it, that’s what you’re paying for; convenience. Pay a few extra bucks, get a decent meal and you dont have to pants on. Isn’t that everyone’s dream?

On this occasion I ordered a few apps and nibbles from Kiro Sushi. To be honest, the food itself was ok. I was more impressed with how fast they got it to me.  The Chicken Don was my least favourite but the tamago and agedashi tofu were good. And the pizza came from Famoso. I wasn’t a huge fan of the pizza, so I won’t say anymore about it.

But overall, I wasn’t too disappointed. Why? Cause I’m still trying to figure out my neighbourhood. Trying to find my go-to spots and I know not everything I try is going to be a gem.  But Skip the Dishes did a great job of showing me what some of the food options are in my hood.

Bravo for making it to the end. This part is for you guys:

 Enjoy 10% off your next order of Skip the Dishes by using this code: BLOG10662b

Also, look out for this post on my instagram feed for a $50 gift card giveaway with Skip the Dishes.

Thanks for sticking around guys – and hello to my new yyc readers. All three of you. Please say hello on social some time.  

Happy Eating! 

**Credit was provided by Skip the Dishes to purchase my meals. Opinions and words expressed are my own

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