Usually when I go out to eat I always like to try something new – but once in a while there are a few places I like to revisit. Thai Orchid is one of those.  It was actually one of the first restaurants I reviewed when I first started blogging. 

This time we actually ordered something none of us had before – the fresh mango salad over crispy fried fish ($16.95). This definitely wasn’t what we expected – but ended up really enjoying it. There are huge chunks of perfectly fried white fish and the sour mango salad is a great contrast to the salty fish. There was plenty left over as well. 

The Green Curry  with chicken ($10.95) is always a must for my girlfriends and I. Super smooth, full bodied and well balanced – and not too coconuty. The veggies are always cooked to perfection – not overdone and mushy. It looks like a small portion but don’t be fooled – it is definitely an endless pit in there. 

Next up is the Green Papaya Salad ($6.95). This can be a little labour intensive to make at home so I love it when I can find a great papaya salad when I eat out. This is fabulous with some grilled meats. We really liked this with the fried fish. 

Another first for us as well was the Panang Curry ($12.95). If you’re a huge fan of peanuts you’ll really enjoy this one. With a blend of tamarin sauce, lime leaves, red peppers and basil – this was rich and delicious. Instead of rice I would have loved some garlic naan to sop up all that sauce. But I’ll settle for rice if I must. 

Something we always get is the Pad Thai ($11.95 for shrimp) – I’m going to be honest and say there is nothing really mind blowing about this one. I just have a girlfriend who likes to order it. Every. Single. Time. – Hi Sarah! oxox

And of course – Fried Banana Fritters. For some reason, we’re  always offered these complimentary with every visit.

As I mentioned in my previous post – service is great, minus a little finesse here and there but they genuinely mean well.

Thai Orchid
168 Hwy 8
Hamilton, On

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