Lets be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of going out for Thai food. It never seemed worth while to go out and get mediocre food I could easily get at home. I hated paying ten dollars for a pad thai only to get noodles & bean sprouts with a sprinkling of protein smothered in ketchup. I always felt ripped off! 

Then, I found Thai Orchid.

For starters, I always get the Thai Iced Tea. It’s so refreshing on a hot day and helps cool down your pallet! Be warned, it’s made with condensed milk so it’s a little on the sweet side, and make sure you give it a good stir before you dive in.

What I love about this place is that you definitely get your moneys worth, without sacrificing quality as  well. For lunch you get soup, a spring roll, along with rice & an entree all for $10! It was a great value.

The broth was a simple hot tom yum soup with raw mushrooms thrown in last minute. I loved that last minute addition of mushrooms, it keeps them fresh and crispy so they still maintain a good texture and doesn’t ruin the colour of the broth. It’s all in the details. The spring roll, on the other hand, I could have gone without, ’cause nobody does a spring roll quite like my mama! 

From the lunch menu we ordered the orange cashew chicken – onions, carrots, sweet peppers, fresh oranges, cashews in a mild lemon & chilli sauce,  and the spicy beef in coconut milk – beef stir-fried with chilies, onions, lime leaves, bamboo shoots, red peppers, green beans, black mushrooms and basil with spicy coconut milk sauce

They were also generous enough to let us order some appetizers from the dinner menu so we got fried calamari, corn fritters, and mango salad to share. 

The mango salad was so refreshing, but unfortunately it wasn’t as spicy as I prefer it because we had a few “mild” eaters at the table. The calamari was good. Crunchy, and the squid wasn’t over cook, but nothing to write home about. The corn fritters on the other hand are always a favourite. Sweet corn, chunks of shrimp, red peppers & green onions, soo goood! I could eat these all day, every day.  I like mine with one or two lashings of peanut sauce. It doesn’t come with peanut sauce, so make sure you ask for it!

The service at Thai Orchid is also one of the reasons I keep coming back. Very friendly and accommodating. Sometimes they lack a little finesse but their kindness is always very genuine. More than once I’ve had something complimentary sent out from the kitchen, fried bananas for dessert or spring rolls as an app, something little just to show they appreciate their customers.

My number one recommendation would have to be the Sambal Shrimp. Juicy jumbo shrimp, egg plant and herbs stir fried in a sweet but spicy sambal sauce. Hands down my favourite thing on the menu – even better than the corn fritters! Unfortunately it’s not meant to be, me and the sambal shrimp.  You see, Joanna is allergic to shrimp, Sarah can’t have spicy food and Kandi isn’t a fan of Thai food. The rare occassion I’m out with my sister is the only time I get to enjoy the yummy burning goodness of sambal shrimp.

I don’t know what’s more sad.. .that I only have three friends, or that I’ll probably never get to have it again.  Check it out, support local business and burn your tongue on the Sambal Shrimp, you won’t regret it!

Thai Orchid
168 Hwy 8
Stoney Creek, ON

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