I had something amazing this weekend and I wanted to immediately share it with you guys! The Best, and I mean The Ultimate bacon dessert crossed my path this past Friday and it was breathtaking.

I was at Down by the Bay – new food truck event every Friday at 595 Catherine St N.  Which by the way, is a perfect venue to showcase food trucks. There’s parking and there’s picnic tables. No eating in your car or squatting under a tree but legit picnic tables in a beautiful grassy field down by the harbour. And rumour has it, they’ll be a DJ and maybe even a booze truck. Okay, I don’t know about the booze but let’s just start that rumour now.  It is genius!

Ok, Ok, back to the bacon. 

So, I met up with Salar and Jeannie from Meat Ventures during Sew Hungry when Sue from Roux Commissary asked me to step in and co host Salar’s Tocino Slider demo. Of course I was happy to help (mainly because I foresaw me getting my hands on said Tocino Slider). This was when Salar first told me about his Bacon Creme Brûlée. I’ll be honest and say I was a little skeptical. Another dude who thinks he can put bacon in everything… 

Relax.. I promise this story gets good. 

So Friday night Twinsie shoots me a pic of a Tocino Slider from the Meat Ventures Meat Wagon and I immediately had to have one myself.  Sometimes my FOMO completely controls my life. So in the car I go zipping through traffic for a pork sandwich.

I get there and immediately head over to Salar’s Meat Wagon.  I order a Tocino Slider (duh) and just cause, I get me a bacon creme brûlée. The house cured Tocino is bomb but I am not a slider or bread girl so I told Salar next time I’ll swing by with a bowl of rice and he can just top me up with some sweet, crispy bits of pork and a side scoop of that green mango slaw! And if he’s feeling fancy maybe a cracked egg too!

Now onto this beauty. Look at it’s shiny sexy curves. That’s a beach body if I ever saw one! 

I really didn’t expect much cause bacon desserts usually don’t tickle my fancy. When it comes to bacon desserts most people fail miserably at it. Bacon cupcakes, bacon donuts, bacon cookies – never found one I liked. The bacon is always cold, bland, and the fat just hardened and becomes unappetizing. Or in most cases, the bacon is just a novelty or garnish.

I know at first glance this puppy doesn’t look like much. But once you break through that perfect layer of hardened sugar you are left with a silky smooth custard – not even a little bit graining, I’m talking smooth as a babies bottom. Points already for a perfect creme brûlée and then .. you hit it. THERE IS A BOTTOM LAYER OF CHERRY AND BACON JAM.  I’m sorry I had to go “all caps” on you – but you need to realize the importance of this. I have never, ever had such a beautiful combination of bacon & sweets before. The tartness of the cherry and the salty texture of the bacon work beautifully together. Everything is so magically well balanced and all the flavours just work together so harmoniously. 

I felt like the clouds opened up and the bacon gods were singing to me. And that smoked bacon on the side? It’s the perfect spoon for scooping up all the left over jam that gets stuck in the little crevices of the bowl. No shame, I went digging for more and was extremely sad when I realized my tin was empty. But not for long cause I realized I still had the smoked bacon to eat! 

I need one right meow.  Bacon lovers rejoice, someone has finally conceptualized and executed the perfect bacon dessert. Go on, go make friends that Meat Wagon and get your hands on one of these beauties. And get a slider or two while you’re at it.

Thank me later! 

Happy Eating!

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