The Bombay Grill, Burlington

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I went out for Indian at The Bombay Grill. They have five locations in Southern Ontario- Ajax, Burlington, Markham, Milton & Hamilton. We went to the Burlington location.

The dining area was pretty empty when we walked in so we were seated right away. The service was average. The food came out pretty quickly and the server was polite but no small talk was made. They were quite busy with take out orders the entire time we were there.

Veg. Samosa, Meat Samosa, Aloo Tikki, Veg. Pakora

We started with the mix appetizer plate. Being the meat eater that I am, I naturally gravitated towards the meat samosa. The veggy pakora was also a favourite. Overall the flavours were very typical, lots of cumin and spices and although everything was deep fried, it wasn’t overly greasy.  I’m always a fan of “mix appetizer” plates just because I think its a bigger bang for my buck. I can get a smorgasbord of food instead of committing to one dish. This equals a big #win in my books! 

plain naan bread

Next came the main dishes. We opted to share the Butter Shrimp, Chicken Biryani,  and I can’t seem to recall the name of the third dish,  the one cooked in the skillet, probably because it was the most disappointing. 

The Butter Shrimp was accompanied with the most mouth watering naan bread. It was fluffy with flaky pockets ready to be filled with the curry sauce. Usually I find Indian restaurants never give you enough naan bread and I wasn’t too please when our server walked over and the basket only had two pieces, but as it turned out, each piece was pretty big… two pieces was just enough for the both of us.

The picture above was the least satisfying dish. The chicken was moist and  juicy and the flavours were nice, but it couldn’t really compete with the bold flavours of the other dishes. Sarah took this home with her and her brothers devoured it so it didn’t go to waste. 

Butter Shrimp & Rita (yoghurt sauce)

I was disappointed with the serving size of the Butter Shrimp when it came out… again, always eating with my eyes and not my stomach! Lets just say Sarah’s brothers enjoyed this as well because we barely made a dent in it. This was my first time trying Butter Shrimp but I have had Butter Chicken many many times. The flavours were there but you could tell they tamed it down a bit in order to satisfy the masses. Which is alright because lets be honest.. I am “the masses“. 

Chicken Biryani

The Chicken Biryani was hands down, my favourite dish. I have had the pleasure of working with some very talented middle eastern cooks and they tell me Biryani is actually pretty labour intensive… hence all of them refusing to make it for me! This was full of flavour with huge chunks of chicken running through it. I also looved the fact they either used a very course blend of spices and/or picked out the huge chucks of spices that usually go in. Nothing is worse than digging into a big bowl of Biryani only to bite into a chunk of star anise or cinnamon! Way to spoil the party. 

To be honest, I’ve been spoiled and a majority of the Indian food I’ve had, came from very talented chefs in simple home kitchens. Nothing you’ll ever order at a restaurant will ever beat it! 

But unfortunately, I  can’t afford to have said Indian cook become my personal chef and cook me lavish three course meals everyday… so I’ll settle for The Bombay Grill. Sarah can’t handle spicy food too much so we had everything made on the mild to medium side but I’m sure the flavours would be even more intense if you had it how the locals eat it! Spiiiiiiccccey!

The Bombay Grill
3480 Fairview Street,
Burlington,ON, L7N 2R5(905) 681 1227

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