If I’m gunna eat Sushi – it’s most likely gunna be AYCE because lets get real – I would probably go broke before I got full off of a la carte sushi – But once in a while when I’m dining with my “healthy” friends I’m forced to eat less like a raging baboon and more like a civilized human.

This is where To-ne Sushi comes in. I was recently introduced to this place by my AGM and surprisingly for a downtown joint – it’s pretty great, and affordable. They also have the perfect ratio of rice to nori. 

We started off with the Avocado Salad ($5.95). Nothing too mind blowing but beautiful presentation. 

The presentation of the Seaweed Salad ($4.55) was also pretty impressive. This was actually the main reason why I chose to come back to To-ne Sushi – they do a fantastic job of plating. Their attention to detail on the plate is superb – their attention to the guest on the other hand? Needed a little bit more work. 

The sushi pizza here is pretty legit. It comes on a super thin rice patty. I often find sushi pizza at other joints offer a huge rice patty which takes away from the topping. We ordered the Salmon Pizza ($7.95).

Next is my Rocky Mountain Roll ($11.95) – Seared Salmon on spicy Salmon Roll, with jalapeño and coconut. Yes it all sounds like a hot mess but I swear to you, this was pretty awesome. The butteriness of the salmon and the spice from the jalapeño paired with the very subtle sweet crunch of the coconut was surprisingly – a very good combo!

My apologies for not rememebring the names or prices of these next few rolls. Too busy eating and chatting away to make notes.

The Volcano Roll ($9.50) – Spicy Tuna, Green Onion, Crunch & Spicy Sauce had to be my second favourite roll. They had tuna “lava” spewing from the rolls. I thought the plating was very playful and cute.

The service was a little bit messy to say the least. They were quick to kick us out but one of them tried their best to be “bubbly” and friendly when they touched the table while the other one was just rude. It was a little weird but we were focussing on the conversation amongst us instead of our surroundings so none of us really minded.

Either way, If you’re ever downtown and looking for a quick bite – this is a great place. Extensive menu and great quality sushi – just don’t don’t expect a big Disney Welcome.

To-ne Sushi
414 Queen Street West
Toronto, On

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