When I was younger, Saturday nights were reserved for driving to Toronto, booking a hotel, glass(es) of wine, and dancing the night away with my girlfriends. Then on Sunday,  hungover and exhausted from the previous nights shenanigans, we’d stop off in Mississauga and go for dim sum on our way back to Hamilton. This. This was my favourite part of the whole weekend.
The last week of February, we repeated the routine for my sisters birthday and sure enough, come Sunday morning, we headed straight to Mississauga. This time, sans hangover … maybe I’m getting older?

Lets make things clear about why we go to Tremendous. Not because it is the best dim sum I’ve ever had, but because I can have it pretty much anytime I want. Tremendous is open untill the whee hours of the morning so its always there to scratch that dim sum itch. With that being said, the actual dim sum itself is actually quite tasty, comes out fast, and the service here is pretty decent!
We started off with rice sheets wrapped around fried Chinese donuts  and the usual  Har Gow (shrimp dumplings)  & Shui Mai (pork dumplings). Nothing too mind blowing here, just classic staples.

I was really looking forward to the fried smelt. There is something about the fried smelt and fish eggs that I absolutely love! The texture of the crispy battered fish and the creaminess of the roe is fantastic!

We also ordered steamed tripe, shrimp rolls, chicken feet, rice rolls, shrimped stuffed Chinese egg plant and crispy shrimp and green onion dumplings with sweet mayo. What I love the most about Tremendous is that you get great quality dishes for pennies. It’s a great bang for your buck! 
For those adventurous enough, order the Tripe and chicken feet and you won’t be disappointed! The trip is steamed with scallions and ginger and is always tender and soft. The chicken feet is sweet and a little challenging to eat but well worth it! 

We ended the meal with creamy egg tarts and a light as air sponge cake.  This was just half the menu, there were plenty more dishes we had to regrettably pass because no one had enough room for more! Heads up though, if you’re looking for the ladies pushing the dim sum carts, go in after 11am on the weekends.

3550 Wolfedale Rd
Mississauga, Ont

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