Raise your hand if you’re salivating already!  Truffle Pigs is one of my most favourite restaurants in Canada. It’s located in a tiny spec of a town call Field in British Columbia. The population of the entire town is about 300 and it’s considered a little gem between all those who know about it. Although it’s located in Yoho National Park, it’s only a twenty minute drive from Lake Louise, Alberta. 

I’ve had the pleasure of having more than a handful of superb meals here (see above) and there are so many more reasons that keep me coming back. For example, there are flying decoupaged pigs with wings hanging from the ceiling – who doesn’t love that? They also believe in fresh, local and regional ingredients, resulting in frequent menu changes. In fact there has only been one occasion where I’ve recieved a repeat menu here. There is always something new and delicious to try. The restaurant itself looks like it could probably seat fifty people max, so you really aren’t expecting much but the plating, creativity and quality of the dishes surpasses some of the best fine dining restaurants I’ve ever been to! 

On this occasion we waited a little over an hour to be seated. Sounds ridiculous but thats just how much I love the food here. I refused to leave till we were seated, and luckily I had some really patient friends. When we were finally seated we already had a round of drinks and plenty of time to read over the menu, so we promptly ordered our appetizers. Here we have the signature dijon white wine herb creme sauce poured over steaming hot atlantic mussels and the scallop tacos with flying fish caviar salad in crispy corn tortilla cones finished with cilantro, lime, pesto, avocado with vanilla bean aioli and chilli sauce.

The baguettes here are always so fresh and perfectly crusty, they helped soak up the delicious white wine herb sauce beautifully and they gave you plenty of mussels – which were cooked perfectly as well! The scallop “tacos” were absolutely divine  – I could have had a second, and third serving of this! The scallops were so very lightly seared they tasted like they were ceviched. I loved the texture of the little bits of roe mixed with the chilli sauce and the peppery arugula leaves. We all really loved this one at the table.

We also ordered the hand made Brome Lake duck torchon with fresh baguette and quince paste  as well as the Korean bulgogi bbq pork belly with corn tortilla chips, melted mozzarella, tomatoes, green onion,  and savoury sour cream.

The torchon, (which just means dish towel in french) was “just” a duck pâté. The torchon was absolutely rich and buttery and super duper yummy. We didn’t hesitate to rip off a piece of baguette and throw lashings of the torchon and quince onto each and every bite. After we finished the plate we wanted to send it back and ask for more!

As for the Korean bulgogi,  I’m not a fan of nachos at all but I read the words bulgogi & pork belly and I was completely sold on the idea! Lucky for me, when it came to the table, we all saw that it definitely was not a traditional nacho dish. The sauce drizzled on top was a perfect balance of something sweet and salty and blended very well with the cheese – surprisingly!  The arugula leaves also helped cut the richness of the pork belly. That’s why the plating here is complete genius, the garnish isn’t just there to add aesthetically to the plate, but helps the overall flavours of the dish too. The pork belly was cooked to absolute perfection. The fat was rendered down and the meat was tender with a nice crispy skin. Often with pork belly you can go wrong drastically because the pieces can get super fatty and oily but the butchering and quality of these pieces were so outstanding that when it was cooked, the meat  stood out and the layer of fat really was non existent. I know that was a lot to say about a piece of belly but ya’ll know I take my pork very seriously! 

After we finished the appetizers, we were really excited for the mains.  Pictured above is the Beef Bourguignon and Flat Quack. The Bourguignon is made with Alberta beef, braised pork lardons, root vegetables, mushrooms, and a dollop of savoury sour cream with a fresh banquette to soak up all the gravy. The Flat Quack was a baked organic flat bread toped with green salt Brome Lake duck leg confit, Spanish Iberian pork sausage, pear coulis, French brie cheese  and thymely sweet onions with a lemon and black pepper greens salad on the side.

The beef bourg was so warm and comforting. There were huge chunks of tender beef and just enough liquid the beef wasn’t drowning in it. Again the extra crusty baguette did a marvellous job of sopping up the gravy. My flat quack was great but had a hard time standing out compared to all the other beautiful dishes on the table. The brie and duck were a great combination and I would be completely blown away if someone had served me this for lunch…. but with that Pad Thai and Ahi Tuna right beside me… this dish just wasn’t shining enough! 

Next comes this huge piece of herb and panco crusted Sunderland Hog Farm pork rack with fresh spaetzle, and apple rosemary reduction and the nights special was seared Ahi Tuna with Pad Thai and fresh prawns.

I absolutely love spaetzle and the crunch of panco but the star at the table had to be the Pad Thai dish. We were all blown away by the presentation and the serving size! There were so many beautiful colours on one dish, from the red seared tuna, to the pink pickled ginger and the yellows and oranges coming off the Pad Thai, we didn’t know whether to eat it or take a zillion pictures … obviously we did both! I’m happy to say this tasted as beautifully as it was presented. The Pad Thai wasn’t traditional at all but the ginger and sesame oil was a delicious combination. The prawns were huge and juicy and the noodles were well coated. We all felt like it was an endless bowl of noodles!

It would be an understatement to say we all walked away completely satisfied. There were two people at the table who had never been to Truffle Pigs before and I can whole heartedly say they are die hard fans now! They’ve slightly gone through a makeover and looks like they’ve rebranded themselves with a new logo and such but the flavours and the master chef’s in the kitchen haven’t changed. I love it when I can find little gems like this and am definitely looking forward to the next time I’m in the neighbourhood!

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Truffle Pigs
100 Centre
Field, British Columbia

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