So after all of that boozing – you can imagine how famished I must have been! If it wasn’t socially frowned upon, I would have eaten my own arm off. Thankfully, at the conclusion of our first night, Tish brought the whole gang out to Vito’s Pizzeria.

Italian really isn’t my go to meal. In fact, I rarely ever crave a bowl of pasta – but after the morning we had – I welcomed a heavy hardy meal. And man, did Tish deliver! 

I had an ex boyfriend once from Windsor and he use to always rave about how “Windsor has some of the best pizza ever” After this meal – I might have to agree with him – might. 

For starters we ordered the Bruschetta – grilled homemade bread with vine ripened tomatoes , garlic and fresh basil ($7.99) – this usually wouldn’t be my first choice – but I’m glad we ordered it. It was light, refreshing and proved to be a great example of some of the exceptional dishes to come. 

The meat & cheese platter,  Piatto Freddo – meats, cheese, olives, seasonal vegetables, and crackers ($15.99)that we ordered to share was incredibly underwhelming and over priced. It reminded me of the lunchables you use to get as a kid. But not in a warm, nostalgic, I could-eat-this-everyday kind of way, more of  is-this-it-i’m-still-hungry kind of vibe.

Now these puppies were phenomenal. I am not a huge fan of arancini at all, but these, Arancini di Riso – Sicilu’s Golden Orb’s – rice croguettes filled with ground meat, peas, parmigiano cheese served with a bolognese safe ($11.99) were on point! Flavourful, moist, cheesy and plenty of meat to go around.  I could have had one of theses on my own but to be polite I shared it. Still regretting that decision to this day. 

Did you think we forgot about why we were all there?! Whisky cocktails for everyone!

Gnocchi – fresh homemade potato dumplings served with homemade meat sauce and panna ($16.99) was what Christine ordered. I enjoyed it – although they weren’t pillows of heaven as I expected, it was still pretty good. She thought it was aight.

Next up, Tish ordered the Pasta Carbonara – slow rendered bacon, white wine, and garlic blended with cream, egg and parmigiano ($15.99) which she swears by, and orders every time she’s here.

This beauty was mine, fresh array of mussels, scallops, shrimp, calamari in white wine pomodoro sauce ($17.99) – the pasta was a smidgen over cooked, but I prefer it that way to be honest. I know that is comonly taboo and I’m sure all of my Italian readers are shaming me right now but I’m sorry!

I can tell the pasta either came in fresh or was made in house because once fresh pasta is overcooked it becomes really sticky and almost gelatenious. I kinda like it that way. Please do not throw things at me when you see me on the streets. I’m not a pasta connaisseur.

Enough with the pasta, the dish itself was overflowing with seafood. Lots of plump chunks of squid, shrimp and mussels. This is my favourite combo – seafood, tomato sauce and a nice piece of crusty bread to sop up all the juices with! 

If that wasn’t enough, Christine and I shared a Prosciutto Fungi – eggs, prosciutto and mushrooms pizza ($13.99) That’s right, we had appetizers, our own mains and then we shared a pizza. #GetOnMyLevel. We might have shared a few slices of pizza with Margaret too.

Oh, c’mon ya’ll know I can’t say no to a pizza with egg on it! And of course it was fantastic.  Crispy and flakey crust, warm and gooey egg and salty shavings of prosciutto. Pshhh, you would not have turned this down either!

Now – on to what everybody else ate. I did not have any of the following – they were all too far away from me to pick off their plates. But I heard no complaints and judging from these pictures they looked divine. They were generous with the toppings and the crust was consistently nice and golden.

Above is the Norwegian smoked salmon, asparagus, pesto sauce and parmesan cheese ($15.99)

Caramelized onions, roasted red peppers. black olives, chicken feta cheese and basil ($14.99)
Shrimp, calamari, mussels with pesto sauce and parmesan cheese ($16.99)

Christine and I ready to chow down! Stella, Andrew and Ken all smiles for the camera. I may have sent my camera down the line and it may have come back to me with a few selfies or two!

And of course our gracious host, Margaret, Steph and Tish!  See you guys next Monday for the conclusion of my CanadianClubTour series!

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Vito’s Pizzeria
1731 Wyandotte St. East

1731 Wyandot

*this exclusive two day tour of the Canadian Club Brand Centre was sponsored by PraxisPr – opinions expressed are my own 

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